The Top 16 Most Valuable Pennies



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It also takes a special combination of history, storytelling, and preservation. Made during World War II when the United States needed all copper and nickel metals for other purposes, most of the 1943 pennies were created with steel. Now it’s time to blow away US history with the Umayyad gold dinar from the year 723 AD. It is believed there are about one dozen of these 1,300-year-old relics in existence. Two 1343 examples were found in 1857, and a third was uncovered by a metal-detector user in England, which sold at auction in 2006 for £460,000 and is estimated to be worth $6,816,000 today.

  1. And some coins are made more valuable simply by being unintentional, as with the 1943 Lincoln pennies that were mistakenly made with bronze rather than steel.
  2. If you want to find rare collectibles, searching for small differences can lead to buckets of gold.
  3. Britain’s economy is the world’s sixth largest by gross domestic product (GDP), according to the World Bank.
  4. Nordic states, for example, have well-developed social systems that offer its citizenry excellent free education, free hospitals, fair working conditions, and unemployment benefits for the elderly.

The never-ending desire that some people have to build and grow their collections. At the time this coin was minted, it was unlikely that many people knew what would come of it. But over two centuries later, this rare coin has achieved the status as the most expensive coin in the world.

The 2007 $1 Million Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Due to the historical circumstances, low inflation rate, demand for UK’s export, and a high purchasing power, the GBP can be considered one of the strong world currencies. The Swiss Franc is one of the strongest and most stable currencies worldwide. It is the sixth most traded currency and the only one that is unaffected by inflation. If you want to find coins worth money, look for rare ones, with an interesting history, or that were made erroneously and distinguished from similar coins. It’s not always easy to tell without a depth of knowledge about coins, but a professional can appraise your stash. We’ve gone on a whirlwind tour of the world’s most valuable coins.

Since the year 2000, specimens of the coin have hit the auction block a handful of times and fetched multiple millions of dollars. One version reportedly sold for $4.15 million in 2005 and then was flipped for $5 million in 2007. Another specimen hit the market for more than $3.7 million in 2010, while still another traded hands at $4.56 million in 2018. GreatCollections, an auctioneer, acquired one of the coins for $4.2 million in October 2022. More valuable coins offer the potential for higher profits for scammers, of course, but such coins are also very rare. Even if you’re not paying millions of dollars for a coin, you want to know that you’re getting what you pay for.

This specimen of the coin had been held by a man for some 70 years since boyhood after he found it at his school cafeteria. The U.S. Mint says these coins are frequently counterfeited because of the relative ease of coating steel pennies with copper and altering the date on coins struck in 1945, 1948 and 1949. But to see if the coin is actually steel, you can see if it sticks to a magnet. Zivi says that there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet now about coins, with scammers taking a common coin and trying to sell it as a valuable coin on an auction site. The offers that appear on this site are from companies that compensate us.

And if you want to see the flip side, compare this list to the top 10 of the weakest world currencies to see the significant differences.

Whether it’s checking out the latest and greatest models or turning a wrench on his classic cars, there’s always a bit of oil flowing through his brain. Most notable auction houses do a great job at helping their clients buy genuine articles. But many other sellers would be happy to sell counterfeit goods to unsuspecting people. But the most expensive Morgan Silver Dollars are from 1893 when only 100,000 were minted and many have been lost or melted down. Experts say one in excellent condition is valued at $551,272 today. At Luxe Digital, we independently research, review, and recommend products we love and that we think you will love, too.

Conversion rate: 1 CHF = 1.15 USD.

So today, the Dinar has 4th place on the list of the most expensive currencies. But due to reserves coming to an end, the Omani government decided to diversify the income resources by developing gas production, metallurgy, and tourism. Remarkably, Dinar’s purchasing power is so high that the government had to issue 1/4 and 1/2 Rial banknotes. Since 2003 the currency was pegged to the US Dollar, but in 2007 the government decided to peg the Kuwaiti Dinar to the weighted currency basket.

Maybe because of a discrepancy in the books or perhaps as gifts to prominent bankers. The rumors are limitless, but the sales price reached $1,997,500 in 2016 or $2,412,200 in 2023 dollars. If you look in the official records of the United States mint, these valuable coins don’t exist. But five known specimens of the 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel do indeed exist, even though the Indian Head nickel had replaced it. It is one of the most valuable foreign coins and has an inscription that translates to Mine of the Commander of the Faithful in the Hijaz. The most recent sale was in 2019 for £3.72 million, or about $5,418,400 in 2023 dollars.

Even if you can’t get the most expensive coin ever sold on eBay, you can still enjoy the history and beauty of the world’s most valuable coins. Two examples of the most valuable nickels are in museum collections, but three others circulate in the private rare coins collecting world. One of the most recent sales was in 2018, where it brought in $4,560,000, or $5,262,100 in 2023 dollars.

After a publicity tour in Europe, the coin is now on permanent display in The Perth Mint’s Gold Exhibition. Canada also made extremely large gold coins, mostly for publicity, but they did sell five of them to various investors and collectors. There are many ways to determine the value of a collectable item.

Conversion rate: 1 GIP = 1.27 USD.

“There are tons and tons of fakes,” he says, so it’s important to get access to expert knowledge, especially as you’re starting out, so that you know what you’re buying is indeed authentic. The high currency value only indicates the inflation processes in the country are under control. The Canadian Dollar is often called the «loonie» in honor of the bird depicted on the one-dollar coin.

Kuwait is located on the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and the country earns much of its wealth as a leading global exporter of oil. The Kuwaiti dinar was introduced in the 1960s and was initially pegged to the British pound before being re-pegged to an undisclosed basket of currencies. Other currencies are stronger because they’re worth more than a dollar. We’ve found the 10 strongest currencies in the world, based on their relative value against the U.S. dollar.

You probably have some coins that are worth more than face value in your pocket change or coin jar right now. Yes, the value of a currency falls when a country is in crisis, but then again, countries with well-organized societies are not always at the top. We know, for instance, that the Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) is the highest currency value in the world because we can compare it to the United States Dollar (USD). If we use a currency converter, we will see that 1 Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) equals 3.29 United States dollars (USD).

S Lincoln Steel Penny

Pegged to the US dollar in 2003, Kuwait returned to the weighted currency basket in 2007, where it remains a strong currency. We’ve determined the strongest currencies, based on the amount of dollars needed to buy one unit of each currency. The exchange rates are sourced from our currency converter, based on data from Open Exchange at the time of writing.

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We also know that the Indian rupee is a much lower-value currency because 1 United States dollar equals 71.56 Indian rupees (INR). Naturally, 1 USD is equal to 1 USD because it is both a national python tornado web server currency and a world reserve currency. In 1972, the Cayman Islands announced its new currency to the money market, and today, it’s tightly pegged to the USD and rises and falls parallel to it.