Five Strange Casino Superstitions

Gambling is one of the most superstitious activities on Earth. There are so many weird things that gamblers believe in, but these five tricks actually 10 deposit casino work.

Some people believe that carrying a rabbit’s paw can bring them good fortune. Others believe that rabbits are unlucky and should not be killed. Still others believe that a rabbit’s death should take place in a graveyard. However, according to some sources, only the right hind foot of a rabbit is considered lucky. The folklore states that the foot must be taken from a live rabbit, preferably while it is still alive, and then placed under a full moon. After that, the foot must be buried near a crossroads.

Many believe that it’s bad luck to enter a casino through its mouth. This belief was started at the MGM-themed casino in Las Vegas that had a lion’s mouth for an entrance. Some patrons had an unfortunate experience when they entered through the mouth of the beast and as a result refused to enter or leave through the mouth of the animal.

It seems that most people don’t count their money until after they’ve made a deal.

While whistling is generally considered an unlucky activity, it might actually be good luck if you’re playing poker! If you start humming or singing while you play cards, it can help distract you from losing too much money. Also, if you do lose a lot of money, you’ll probably feel pretty uncomfortable about it and won’t be able to concentrate on the game anymore. So, try whistling instead!